Some Thoughts (whatevah) wrote in fantasy_tribe,
Some Thoughts

So How're You Feeling About Your Pics?

We've got the first juror now. Seems like a good time to check in with everyone and see how you feel about your pics. So, how about it?

  • In hindsight, do you think you chose wisely or not?

  • Do you think you could have seen some of the critical strengths and weaknesses as early as episode 1?

  • Will you change your selection strategy in the future if you play again?

  • What are your predictions for the remainder of the game, based on what you've observed thus far?
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1. Yes.
2. Yes.
3. No.
4. I predict Matthew vs. Jenna for the final two. In fantasy_tribe, I should win unless Christy outscores Deena (then thumper will beat me).
You really think Matthew will make it past next week? Unless something critical happens next week...and it could, depending on how you interpret the previews for next week...I can't see Matthew saving himself. He's really going to have to snap out of the disconnect he's got going on. You don't think that Butch would outlast Matthew?

I have to admit that the thought of Jenna making it for final two never entered my mind. With all of the players that are really playing the game well, I'd be surprised if she wasn't outwitted, as I don't see her as having one of the stronger mental games.

As for Christy outscoring Deena...I waivered on the Christy issue...kept thinking that she couldn't make it to the end without being somewhat carried along, at least part way. But it turns out that has happened (compassion of the human spirit, I suppose) and she could definitely do it, particularly if Deena was voted out next week and Christy lasted til final 4, both of which I think are possible.
1. Yes -- I was a bit worried for a while, but things are starting to shape up nicely. :)
2. Some yes, some no. Editing hides a lot, but reading up on the "bios" of the players up front definitely helps.
3. Not really. I base my picks on the information on hand, some seasons there's more available, some seasons less. Some accurate, some inaccurate.
4. My endgame scenario:
Ep.10 - Rob switches sides again and challenge threat Alex gets the boot.
Ep.11 - The new majority eliminates Heidi
Ep.12 - Rob's treachery catches up with him and they send him packing.
Ep.13 F4 - In a tie vote, Christy gets the boot when her alliancemate switches his/her vote to avoid risking getting the dreaded purple rock themselves.
Ep.13 F3 - Jenna wins the final IC and chooses the freaky Matthew over the likable Butch
Ep.13 Jury Vote - I see a 4-3 vote, with Deena being the swing vote... could go either way.
If Deena realizes that it was Jenna who stabbed her in the back in Ep.9, she may vote for the wierd but hardworking Matthew, if she doesn't find out, then she sticks with her "alliance" and votes the "Girl Party Line" giving Jenna the prize.
For Matthew: Roger, Dave, Rob
For Jenna: Heidi, Alex, Christy
Swing vote: Deena

... or I could be fulla $#!t... :D